MacXprts Care Program

MCP MacXprts Care Program

Keeping your computer running smoothly and keeping your data safe is very important to us.  At MacXprts we offer an inexpensive way for our customers to make sure that their computer is in good working condition with our in store MCP service.

An MCP is a tune-up for your Macintosh. We have several points we address:

• We will run Apple’s Hardware Test and Apple’s Service Diagnostics

• We will do a volume optimization

• We will run a file system check

• We will repair your permissions

• We will run updates and make sure your computer has the latest updates that exist

• We will check various hardware components, drives and other aspects of your
computer system

• We will clean the dust from your computer, allowing air to flow, keeping it cool.
When you come in to pick your computer up, one of our certified techs will sit with you and show you what we found, what problems we encountered, and what areas we recommend you upgrade.

Call today to schedule your same day* MCP. This is not a repair diagnostic.
If you bring your computer in by 10am it will be ready for you by 6pm.

* No guaranteed same day service if repair work is needed or if  service is experiencing a high volume day.  Walk-ins are not guaranteed same day.